Thursday, August 25, 2011

True Beauty

A dream and beyond. . .
Beyond is the essence I strive for, and I say "essence" because our minds cannot comprehend
its magnificence and ever flowing quality of grace. This realm of angels and collective consciousness has no need for bodies or "things". Use your imagination to take you higher,
float above this Earth and realize its True, Natural beauty. For then we can live from a desire and passion based from this all-knowing wisdom that we could feed upon each day.
Dropping our insults and negativity, the starvation for constant entertainment quiets
as the essence of Grace fills the forgotten space, livening our faces and our hearts.
And from this space we shall come together soon, without criticism, appreciating life and "a job well done" as Art. Life becomes Art. Carrying our stature in a beauty of Grace,
noticing every detail of his face. . .her face. . .your face. Wandering in wonder about how we came to be in this space, this place we call Earth. Each moment will be appreciated as a real gift,
being polite and never refusing each second. We all collect in the same space in the end,
but let's begin here, so we can invite Heaven to stay inside each one of us.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Real vs. Illusion

If I told you we will live forever
what would you say? Is our life here a wrinkled illusion?
I've been to the real Kingdom and
transformed into a new life of non-conformity and freedom,
a life where starving for another's touch disappears into blackness,
which collects a certain mystical presence that dense souls long to achieve.
The connection we once bathed in hung on wires that
lead us into temptation, forgetfulness, and a lack of action,
and now this new fuel pumping in my veins longs for God, knowing & giving.
But, our dance was sweet as our souls mingled above and below us,
embracing each level of communication we spoke from.
A thought severed the many possibilities of Unity between you & I.
The thought of d i f f e r e n c e,
forming a fence and leaking all sources from which we drew our Love.
I donated all my energy into plugging the leaking hole,
so the fire that we both brought to this Earth would grow. . .
now I hear whispers of your voice before I doze off into another world,
telling me to "hold on"
and the passion we ignited rumbles inside of me
as I dream of your embrace,
which competes with the hug of a thousands angels
that I rise to meet every night.
So do I forget this Earthly love and rise above the situation?
Or do I torture myself with memories that are still real inside my heart?
I fill the empty paper cup screams with chocolate and exercising,
so my mind is too tired to remember you and the chocolate soothes my broken heart.
I happened to trip on a rock filled with emotion,
but the path seems smooth now. . .
when you're not here, I tell myself it was all a dream,
and I continue to rise above Earthly cares.
I pray for the day when our fence does not exist
and you can meet me in a room full of angels,
who sing their chorus around us whenever I'm holding your hand.
Until then, I'll dream of your smile. . .
But just to make sure you know,
I fell because of your heart,
because whenever I closed my eyes when you hugged me,
I surrendered to Divine acceptance & Love,
so thank you for tearing down my walls. . .
the illusion is broken, and my Kingdom became brighter.