Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Light of God

I believe there is a light of perfection emanating from the body where the body’s center of gravity is located. Gravity has been hypothesized, why can’t this light I speak of be? The light of perfection connects us to all beings because it is God, which is the life force that moves us day to day through life. The idea of Theistic Evolution or Intelligent Design could be a possibility for the basis of creation. God, or the creator, I believe is pure energy that reflects from living things, and this energy has evolved higher and higher through the ages, just like all living things. I believe our energy, or the light of God inside us, has collectively created what came to be today.
While human consciousness evolves, so does their light of perfection, which reflects back to the main source of “God” energy that furthers the life process. Science and religion don’t hold hands because science, like the idea of Theistic Evolution, studies the creator's creations, and religion was made by humans. Strange, huh? But no scientist can capture the life force that drives humans to follow their chosen paths or love passionately. This love is the light of perfection inside us, which is unconditional love because “God” energy is forgiving and only moves forward, like the evolution of life. The wind and gravity cannot be seen, but we know it’s there. This energy inside us can be magnified through different types of meditation.
When someone sits quietly by themselves they can enter into the center of their being and reconnect with the core of life. Meditation balances the physical and the unseen (“God” energy in one’s body), like the battle between science and religion, which helps them to evolve into higher consciousness. I believe that physical is the illusion and thought and energy exist as the truth. Truth can naturally be felt by humans in the gut when something feels wrong, or someone has hurt them, which is felt in the body’s center. The light of perfection in the body’s center knows only pureness and love. So when life brings pain, your God light, or “higher self”, knows that something is wrong because humans are meant to live positively and love unconditionally with no boundaries. This energy of your “higher self” has an abundance of love, so humans do not put restrictions on who to love, or they will miss out and not evolve consciously, like we’re supposed to. When one is balanced inside and connected to life through their higher self, they move through life easier with more grace, like the long process of the earth’s evolution. Humans are still evolving, so why hit the brick wall at the end of the road and stick to one religious belief, when ALL humans have the ability to grow from the inside through exploring and reflecting life with mediation.
Maybe all humans, billions of years ago, derived from the same energy source that created the first single-celled organisms. Humans may not have developed for some time after that, but the energy source had to grow before we were created, which is why humans should practice “evolving” their consciousness within themselves even today to reflect a better world. Whatever energy humans send out to the world, it all comes back full circle. For example, the first humans were from Africa with dark skin, and in many years humans may come full circle and return to having dark skin. Everyone is connected to God and possesses the same potential to be greater than they already are. Take a look sometime at the rays coming through the cracks of a wooden fence, and then look through to the other side. What do you see? You see only one source that created all those beautiful rays. The source of God inside us is evolving, like a rubber band ball, because conscious thoughts lead to growth and new ideas about life. This lifetime is only a drop in the bucket of who we really are inside. As seen in science, humans have come a long way physically and psychologically. The light and energy of God inside us also continues to evolve, which expands further outward while emanating brighter and brighter, and human consciousness rises. The consciousness flows and reflects to continue to create the natural processes of life.