Friday, May 20, 2011

Understanding Love

A presence with no words, nothing to say to you,
an unmeasurable light of sound & beauty,
just pouring into your soul with an intent of connection.
It's a love no one understands,
yet it's the one everyone is looking for.
We cannot understand with the mind,
so our heart must open the door
to greet a long time friend,
one who knocks so frequently
to the beat of our heart.
A heart birthed from love,
living underneath the Earth,
constantly carrying us in her womb,
so we can experience each other
from our Father, our friend, our love.
Inside me exists a relationship of
Mother and Father, existing as one being.
I let them in and offered a place to stay.
Now they live inside my heart,
permeating and anchoring themselves
inside every cell and muscle.
Now I understand.
I am the Light, the Love, the Key.