Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pirate Treasure

If my heart was an ocean,
then you skipped beautiful rocks
upon my waters,
only to sink into forgetfulness:
A weary vastness I buried
under sand & treasure chests
that I do not dare explore,
for the shore calls lovingly
while I answer with the grace of my hand,
then my toes quickly follow.
Beginning to run now,
from the emotions of blue
with strands of fake pearls
pirated from your false fa├žade.
Climbing vertically now into pure gold
with promises of nothingness--suchness.
Your pirate eyes longed for my treasure within,
but possessions lose identity in my realm.
Here your personality melts into the tears
that unanchored from your your ship: your vessel: your body.
Sails fly high once the waves become calm:
the irony of life.
A reflection surfaces,
unveiling the other side of emotion: stillness--
receiving & accepting
each drop, touch & rock
skipping across itself.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Love on High: High on Love

Linking two worlds together
by infusing brains with odd topics
that each individual digs deep to understand.
Along fears of rejection
lies a toast to inner freedom
after reassurances stable the pair,
shifting their intentions from fear to faith.
Faith in the luminosity
of a relationship sailing on potential
crystallizing into foreverness.
Standing in compassion,
shaded from tortures & sufferings
that confuse the brain,
which hang around with disconnection:
a crowd that contracts
the development of expansive love.
After meeting, the two souls
are forever tangled in the magic web,
infinitely expanding to heights
resting under showers of goose bumps,
penetrating the overflow of joy,
becoming tears exiting gracefully
because their bodies cannot
hold happiness at this level.
Knowing each other: knowing themselves.
Calling each other their home.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Selfish to Selfless: The Crown of Surrendering

Pick & choose,
Labeling characters-
encompassing the little self,
only happy for a short while
until the sparkles unglue
from materials shining in your closet
left to become dull
in an abyss of self loathing
amongst other wasted tools.
Fear grows long, skinny legs,
just like Jack Skellington,
and he tip toes:
a self created monster
awakening in the mind
of the scared & unhappy
who never gave thanks,
but ended up with leather & gold.
Filling their veins
until the sun appears again,
only to shun sunlight away,
crawling helplessly into torn beds:
sleeping away opportunities
to meet themselves again.
Instead, alarms awake their night
as a stupor substitutes
the introduction of true self,
craving to meet Falseness:
a personality which paces midnight rooftops
and stumbles through trash cans
that possess its own stench.
He needs his own nightlight,
one his mother cannot even plug in.
The cord will come in time,
linking itself to a reason to change,
knocking whiskey bottles over
& down the drain along the way.
Only a clear mind leaves on the journey
that follows the cord.
The mind must pack nothing:
the body wearing only a white robe
to detach from personality characteristics.
No more sequins falling,
real magic soars among this high rooftop
located right above his head:
opening a chosen crown for him to wear,
ruling his own Universal Kingdom
encapsulated in a single word: SURRENDER
The skinny-legged fear sprints to the Kingdom door,
enters upward & unveils its beauty.
Now he meets himself once more,
walking into the possibilities of today.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Conundrum of Life

Streaming on ideas-
Careful, don't step on a sharp word:
engulfing your brain.
Tattooed lyrics of everyday routine:
smothering the soul,
stuck in the cassette player,
too wound up to uninstall.
An event of unknown territory
strolls along your bridge of breaking free.
So just jump,
cleanse the illusion in pure waters.
Unfasten the belt,
constricting true creation flowing
into your head.
Construct your own beliefs-
no, wait, delete all you've ever thought to be real.
Reach for a bucket,
intending to be filled with raw experiences,
uplifting you to a higher power
each breath of the way.
Each step of the staircase lies within-
built to perfection,
resting inside your DNA.
Molecules attracting more molecules,
holding you up in oneness: connected.
Beaming outward,
shining in the faces of those who remembered
and those who still forget.
Be still, like the center of a hurricane
while the forgetful ones pry inside,
for they won't succeed.
Open the closet,
casting light through the spiderwebs,
accepting all as beautiful masterpieces-
stringing you together.
And as your hand devours the white tangles,
be grateful for who you've become
in the moment of now.