Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Twin Flames of Indigo

Slip into the sink
cause it's filled with water by now.
Time let it accumulate.
A hue of blue settles at the bottom,
where I thought you were drowning.
A world without air turns perception upside down.
Bursting through my pores,
our water from the sink came to a surface of light.
Through the eyes of my pure nature,
the light transformed the blue hue into white and gold.
Now I'm tired, and the essence of myself is vibrating
into an abyss I've visited before in the ether of magnificence.
I thought I needed you to stay afloat. . .
your physical body, the thought of you, or your essence,
I don't know, maybe I do. . .
Because you're the only one in the room I see,
since your body is a light house,
carrying the illumination I see inside myself.
So, I'll breathe in my own essence,
and meet you at the bottom
because no one but you can swim so deep,
as deep as my soul goes.
I saw the blue and thought of you,
and while I waited, a messenger came by,
a mermaid swam by who asked for my patience.
She said you lived in deep waters already,
a place like Atlantis painted in dark hues of blue.
There I remained in the light of indigo,
waiting for the treading of your hands
to pull me deeper, back into the illumination
of the essence we broke from in the beginning.
Two souls ripped at the beams. . .
crisscrossing back into their double helix of light.