Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Shell Wrapped in Silence

Find the key that pries under her shell
Kiss her past the morning bell
Ring, Ring, Ring
The shadow's calling from his beaten path.
She ripped the carpet from underneath us
where tangled magic lies.
With sparkled dust from some past life,
a part of me dies.
Cause I knew you before all this,
maybe from another realm,
so from afar it's you I'll miss,
sitting beneath the Elm.
The rope keeps our souls tied together
as we play the game tug-of-war,
And in my dreams I saw you there,
which made me crave you even more.
I reached into my pocket
and cut my hand on your sharp word.
I kept those for too long,
wrapped around me like a cord.
So I untied the knot of made-up words
to release the tension,
and then I focused on what you first mentioned.
When we met you favored the angles of my face,
but the most memorable thing you said was,
"I want to help you finish this race".
That race I ran along side my mind,
trying to mesh three parts of one kind.
My mind, body & soul all grew feet of their own,
which layed me into exhaustion,
a bed I slept in all alone.
Endlessly searching among the wrong places
for the right blacksmith to melt me together,
but I found no willing faces.
For how could I when I am my own Queen.
In silence I was Guinevere
holding my gaze in the mirror,
& sent compassion through my lonely eyes,
disintegrating all of society's lies.
Look closely now & you can see
all the power I possess in me.
I found it without King Arthur,
a pearl & the holy grail
all wrapped underneath my shell.
So here I stand among the others
to tell of the secrets I found,
but fear shouts while truth whispers,
so I choose to wait alone.
I sit here & hum
to the others who are completely numb
. .and eventually they will come.