Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I feel you from the inside
Nothing feels real anymore
Real lives within

I see you
Yes I really see you
For what you are
Do you see me?

Flick, flick, light
Light me up inside
That fire grows with your breath
Breathe me in; let me in
Don't think
Can't break this
Please don't look away

His soul walks through me
Layers within his makeup
Deeper now, you've got it
Look past
Just feel

But you begin to shape your eyes
around those wrists and hands
Hands that shape around strings
And strings that sing; sing like angels

Draw your thoughts away
I feel the touch of the hand behind my ear
But it's only in my mind; how could I forget?
This blueprint sits dusty within the file cabinet
The file in my head; shut the door again

No strings attached
Only to guitars that get to hold your hand
I'm not afraid to feel

I'm vulnerable in front of this window
Yes, I left the shade down
At least it's not a wall
If your sunshine climbs through,
then I'll take that rock we found
Remember the heart shaped one laying peaceful in the sun?
Its hole exposed expressive possibilities
of what could happen--chained around your neck, or us falling into disaster

Well, I'll throw it so hard through that window
Break now, break, break
Glass will shatter only if your light was true
True like sunbeams that love the earth without conditions
Even through clouds...
Fully exposed, with my heart so true
I will breathe you in without the room full of windows

But your light seemed to be fluorescent,
only becoming on certain areas of my face
This awkwardness makes my stance look funny
And your eyes tend to look away
Thinking of my flaws?
I will not be offended,
for I know I am not loved...

Until you realize the gift you can give,
I'll sit so quaint in the sunbeams
that sew its warmth to my fire.