Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I bow to the light

I bow to the Goddess because I felt her warmth flow from the earth, up into my legs, and into my heart. When I wanted to give up, I stood on her skin while the wind whistled by me, and I heard her voice say, “Let me carry you”. That is when I surrendered to the Great Spirit, and now I honor the earth. This is where my love for the Native Americans came from.  They knew the Goddess; they listened to her callings.

I bow my heart to Christ because He embraced me when I became lost inside my mind. I saw Him unveil his sage colored robe that revealed the golden light that sucked me into a dance between the two of us. He blesses me during my every meditation with light entering my head, and all I feel is strong devotion to the light.

I also bow to all the other Christ Beings who I saw when a Mystic opened the Christ gateway in the room I was sitting in. All the blue, white, and gold light flowed like a waterfall into the room from this slit in the veil. They blessed me with their kisses and touched my face with grace. They could only stay for a moment, and that moment was all I needed. I could not get up out of my chair, for I became locked in a trance of their grace and love.

I bow to the Christ Council who I visit in my dreams when I leave my body. They show me visions of a perfect world, and I receive blessings from their collective energy including Saint Germain, Mother Mary, Jesus, and Mary Magdalene.

I bow to Shiva, for I have felt this presence blast through me, causing my hands to shake uncontrollably and drop my chanting mala while Shiva purified me.

I bow to Kuan Yin, for I feel her spirit when I call to her; she infuses me with compassion, and a serene smile caresses my face.

I bow to Buddha because the thought of his essence reminds me of the inner peace, stillness, and centeredness that I have cultivated inside myself.

I bow to the stars in the sky at night because without them I would feel alone. I have seen their glory shining down like the sides of a jelly fish, while they sent their light to this earth to bless humanity.They spoke to me and lit my way as I walked alone in the darkness surrounded by Colorado mountains with no flashlight. I felt at home knowing the Star Beings were watching over me.

I bow to my Higher Self which exists in eternal bliss in another dimension because I was gifted with a drop of its Light, causing my whole body to tremble for hours. I awoke feeling like a new born baby with my eyes fixed on a single orchid flower for 8 hours straight. I could see light everywhere! How could I look away when the magnificence unfolding inside me became magnified while staring at the flower’s beauty?

I bow, not because I am Muslim, but because this deep reverence awakened inside me, which cannot be fully express through words, but through a bow alone.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Journey of Transformation

A cascading feeling of Faith tumbling onto sands of doubt,
Filling the pores of darkness and transforming unknowing into pillars of light. . .
Once sand, now a beautiful temple of white,
Soothing a baby to sleep into the nothingness of our mind’s eye.
Mother Earth. . .
Constantly giving her love to even those who are unaware of it,
And she never gives up hope that one day a shift of awareness
Will occur inside her people, her children who possess the very nature
Of Herself and their Father who exist inside the heart.
Open the door Oh Faithful one,
For it is time for you to see and feel again the Divine Unity
That performs miracles and unlocks hearts of stone,
Releasing tears of the past,
To come into harmony with our Life Purpose:
To Love and receive Love,
To give of our Essence and request nothing in return.
Come back to the Light of Faith and rest here in Her calmness.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Treading Water

A tear fell upon my apron,
and one made a noise while hitting the floor. . .
paint underneath my fingernails,
a wet painted face staring back at me.
I realized that my friends exist on canvas,
characters from other realms. . .
places that understand,
where words of the mind don't matter
and our stare possesses the essence of our soul.
A place where sadness like this does not exist.
I want to be done with this emotion. . .forever.
Small minds cannot understand large spirits,
so I'll come to terms with being misunderstood.
I pray that this loneliness be filled with solitude,
the difference lying between rage and contentment.
My life, supplied with everything I need,
yet I still feel unfulfilled.
Knowing about a special place
that I cannot seem to reach again,
leaves me feeling helpless & home sick.
I lost my humility and gave my power to the mind.
I hate my mind right now. . .
it went on and on about your greatness,
giving itself all the credit.
So, I made an alter to bow to your grace
and quiet the ego who took me out
from under your shining glory,
which used to pour into me like a waterfall.
Now I'm treading water, desperately searching
for the waterfall of bliss,
the tree of life within.
These un-cried tears forced a fake smile all this time,
and now I'm surrendering, taking one last breath.
I'm sinking now into unknown waters,
but this is where He said I would grow most. . .
places where comfort is thrown to the wind
and my vulnerable spirit stands before
the all powerful Source of The One.
I found out that our planet is on the outskirts,
furthest away from You,
and my heart sank. . .
Like watching fresh snowflakes fall,
that magic slipped from me.
I cried for days, mad at myself for
losing that deep sense of peace,
the relationship I had with God,
which I substituted for one with my false self,
using the mirror to marvel at this body
that is not me.
One day I'll rise above this & laugh without sadness.
Time will show me transformation,
it has to. . .otherwise, I don't believe in time.
Pure bliss will rise again within me
because my destiny will be fulfilled.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Delicate Places

So subtle and fragile, this warmth we created between our touch.
A space where no words existed; a place only few will find some day.
I was at peace before I met you, and now my skin crawls for the
grasp of your hand when I'm standing alone in public places.
Why did I let myself get to this level of suffering?
I jumped into you and took a risk without thinking,
it's what inspirational quotes tell us to do.
God showed me what I was missing,
someone with the capacity to care for me
in a way I've never experienced.
You let me share my nurturing hands upon your face
and surrendered to the peace we brought between us.
Then I witnessed the side I never wanted to realize,
a part of you that pushed my heart away from yours.
Your eyes, they shut down and look away, pulling down the blinds
when I mention delicate encounters I've had with God.
It's what makes me glow, but still you can't believe what I say.
I can just tell you never will.
I cried because the understanding I waited for never arrived.
All I wanted was your acceptance.
Maybe a relationship is about working through obstacles,
but the other side of me says life should be easy.
I tend to self sabotage myself, so I never get too close.
. . .the delicate part of my heart radiates like the sun,
a space I've cultivated for thousands of lifetimes.
This world seems too harsh to share it with.
Your unsure eyes tell me you want to fit in with
all the others who live in a world apart from mine.
So, I will find my peace once more in solitude,
without the grace of your touch.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

True Beauty

A dream and beyond. . .
Beyond is the essence I strive for, and I say "essence" because our minds cannot comprehend
its magnificence and ever flowing quality of grace. This realm of angels and collective consciousness has no need for bodies or "things". Use your imagination to take you higher,
float above this Earth and realize its True, Natural beauty. For then we can live from a desire and passion based from this all-knowing wisdom that we could feed upon each day.
Dropping our insults and negativity, the starvation for constant entertainment quiets
as the essence of Grace fills the forgotten space, livening our faces and our hearts.
And from this space we shall come together soon, without criticism, appreciating life and "a job well done" as Art. Life becomes Art. Carrying our stature in a beauty of Grace,
noticing every detail of his face. . .her face. . .your face. Wandering in wonder about how we came to be in this space, this place we call Earth. Each moment will be appreciated as a real gift,
being polite and never refusing each second. We all collect in the same space in the end,
but let's begin here, so we can invite Heaven to stay inside each one of us.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Real vs. Illusion

If I told you we will live forever
what would you say? Is our life here a wrinkled illusion?
I've been to the real Kingdom and
transformed into a new life of non-conformity and freedom,
a life where starving for another's touch disappears into blackness,
which collects a certain mystical presence that dense souls long to achieve.
The connection we once bathed in hung on wires that
lead us into temptation, forgetfulness, and a lack of action,
and now this new fuel pumping in my veins longs for God, knowing & giving.
But, our dance was sweet as our souls mingled above and below us,
embracing each level of communication we spoke from.
A thought severed the many possibilities of Unity between you & I.
The thought of d i f f e r e n c e,
forming a fence and leaking all sources from which we drew our Love.
I donated all my energy into plugging the leaking hole,
so the fire that we both brought to this Earth would grow. . .
now I hear whispers of your voice before I doze off into another world,
telling me to "hold on"
and the passion we ignited rumbles inside of me
as I dream of your embrace,
which competes with the hug of a thousands angels
that I rise to meet every night.
So do I forget this Earthly love and rise above the situation?
Or do I torture myself with memories that are still real inside my heart?
I fill the empty paper cup screams with chocolate and exercising,
so my mind is too tired to remember you and the chocolate soothes my broken heart.
I happened to trip on a rock filled with emotion,
but the path seems smooth now. . .
when you're not here, I tell myself it was all a dream,
and I continue to rise above Earthly cares.
I pray for the day when our fence does not exist
and you can meet me in a room full of angels,
who sing their chorus around us whenever I'm holding your hand.
Until then, I'll dream of your smile. . .
But just to make sure you know,
I fell because of your heart,
because whenever I closed my eyes when you hugged me,
I surrendered to Divine acceptance & Love,
so thank you for tearing down my walls. . .
the illusion is broken, and my Kingdom became brighter.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Blank Stares

Blank stares, like staring at a wall

I would paint your eyes green and rid you of the wallpaper,

Which hung for decades as a disguise that never wanted to change. . .

The same style operating from the mind

This room needs windows, decorated in ornate bliss

To let the light in that will form shadows to guide you.

Don’t settle in the corners of this dusty room,

Just fill it with a pure flame of light to drown out

The fluorescent rays of doubt,

Which captured your dull side of a personality. . .

Shine the windows and clear away the webs of chatter,

Clean your eyes with new ways of seeing,

So the stare you once gave me can now radiate for everyone.