Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I bow to the light

I bow to the Goddess because I felt her warmth flow from the earth, up into my legs, and into my heart. When I wanted to give up, I stood on her skin while the wind whistled by me, and I heard her voice say, “Let me carry you”. That is when I surrendered to the Great Spirit, and now I honor the earth. This is where my love for the Native Americans came from.  They knew the Goddess; they listened to her callings.

I bow my heart to Christ because He embraced me when I became lost inside my mind. I saw Him unveil his sage colored robe that revealed the golden light that sucked me into a dance between the two of us. He blesses me during my every meditation with light entering my head, and all I feel is strong devotion to the light.

I also bow to all the other Christ Beings who I saw when a Mystic opened the Christ gateway in the room I was sitting in. All the blue, white, and gold light flowed like a waterfall into the room from this slit in the veil. They blessed me with their kisses and touched my face with grace. They could only stay for a moment, and that moment was all I needed. I could not get up out of my chair, for I became locked in a trance of their grace and love.

I bow to the Christ Council who I visit in my dreams when I leave my body. They show me visions of a perfect world, and I receive blessings from their collective energy including Saint Germain, Mother Mary, Jesus, and Mary Magdalene.

I bow to Shiva, for I have felt this presence blast through me, causing my hands to shake uncontrollably and drop my chanting mala while Shiva purified me.

I bow to Kuan Yin, for I feel her spirit when I call to her; she infuses me with compassion, and a serene smile caresses my face.

I bow to Buddha because the thought of his essence reminds me of the inner peace, stillness, and centeredness that I have cultivated inside myself.

I bow to the stars in the sky at night because without them I would feel alone. I have seen their glory shining down like the sides of a jelly fish, while they sent their light to this earth to bless humanity.They spoke to me and lit my way as I walked alone in the darkness surrounded by Colorado mountains with no flashlight. I felt at home knowing the Star Beings were watching over me.

I bow to my Higher Self which exists in eternal bliss in another dimension because I was gifted with a drop of its Light, causing my whole body to tremble for hours. I awoke feeling like a new born baby with my eyes fixed on a single orchid flower for 8 hours straight. I could see light everywhere! How could I look away when the magnificence unfolding inside me became magnified while staring at the flower’s beauty?

I bow, not because I am Muslim, but because this deep reverence awakened inside me, which cannot be fully express through words, but through a bow alone.

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