Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Journey of Transformation

A cascading feeling of Faith tumbling onto sands of doubt,
Filling the pores of darkness and transforming unknowing into pillars of light. . .
Once sand, now a beautiful temple of white,
Soothing a baby to sleep into the nothingness of our mind’s eye.
Mother Earth. . .
Constantly giving her love to even those who are unaware of it,
And she never gives up hope that one day a shift of awareness
Will occur inside her people, her children who possess the very nature
Of Herself and their Father who exist inside the heart.
Open the door Oh Faithful one,
For it is time for you to see and feel again the Divine Unity
That performs miracles and unlocks hearts of stone,
Releasing tears of the past,
To come into harmony with our Life Purpose:
To Love and receive Love,
To give of our Essence and request nothing in return.
Come back to the Light of Faith and rest here in Her calmness.

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