Thursday, December 23, 2010


A sense of motivation lost in translation,
carrying a burden of someone else's past.
Render the results until a mangled
piece of newsprint juts out the other end.
Disguised as good news,
it trembles with words of imperfections
that lead groups into political rooftops,
shouting irrelevant material to people
whose purpose relates to truth and not bended words.
A screech for help protrudes,
so it's muffled and fed with stimulants & downers,
which leads the individual back in line
with fellow sleepwalkers.
A slip-up catches an eye,
then questioning comes into play.
But this is not playing at all:
it's a dig at the heart,
so far that we actually question who we really are.
Thinking we're doomed to a tortured life
filled with numbness & disappearing words.
Secret crowds form in warm, loving places
to awaken the sleeping.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I see you as a translucent container
awaiting to illuminate and occupy
every corner you created in your mind.
Yet I ponder on when you will flip the switch
to discover the magnificence which glows
to the ends of the universe,
creating & sharing a whisper of secrets
without ever saying a word.
But I shall never worry because
a choice deserves its own space,
even if you need to arrive anew
in another life to hopefully create a new path,
which involves remembering the soul.
Honestly, I lost the feeling of being unconscious
because all I know now is
the graceful goosebumps that ripple down my meridians
through each devoted laugh, sigh, and breath.
With light playing a most unusual instrument within me,
I literally become the music to orchestrate
a oneness in consciousness.
The world: my symphony,
and although some strings may be missing,
the band is still complete.
Everyone sings on their own pedestal occupying the stage,
even you my dear,
your voice equally compares to other vocals.
So channel your deepest feelings and send them
into the light where all misconceptions become one thing,
but not even a thing: NO THING

Saturday, December 18, 2010

My Place

My favorite place is not a place at all,
it's a space I grew inside myself,
to break down all the walls.

Far from logic, close to bliss,
here is where heaven and earth collide,
tangled in a kiss.