Sunday, April 17, 2011


I threw away my mind,
left it on your doorstep. . .
told you to use it as oxygen,
while the organs in your body shut down.
Cause all I am is a thought,
so I gave you health with words & love,
and solitude showed up with a knock at my door.
I opened it kindly, for fear of being rude.
Solitude kindled a little fire,
which seemed familiar,
like something I vibrated to before.
But this time it grew bigger inside my heart,
inside my gut. . .
This is where I felt your purity,
birthing yourself anew.
This tree of life was always there,
growing every day. . .
and in myself I saw you too,
expanding from a life you once knew.
The magic is there,
she opened me up,
mother earth cradling me through the air.
So, if you don't believe, that's okay. . .
I'll hold a space inside this magic box,
as I sift through your air.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Words of Distortion

Letters into words,
they become meaningless
when sleeping ears critique their form.
Every little curve. . .
definitions for minuscule cursive markings.
Endless days of this study turned my soul to mush,
or at least I thought.
For I fell deep into the earth
while I slept with no expectations,
looking around and realizing that my soul never left...
I was there the whole time,
birthing a new experience to later tell my mind,
but translations never came in pure form
because my soul speaks a language of its own.
It dances to the whistle of the wind,
and caresses itself in a circle of music,
which strings itself upon stairs of gold,
allowing me access whenever I please.
In a room occupied by organized chaos,
I transform my perception by falling,
falling deep into the earth again,
and rising up to meet my Self once more.
Then the scenery brightens & the people become pure,
leaving no trail of distortion in my mind.