Wednesday, January 19, 2011


L cradles the O,
then V follows the crowd,
but E turned into Evolution,
and he radiated a love for everyone.
No more obsessed, emotional relationships
surrounded around the scent of another's skin,
or the way they fix your tea.
Once derived from passion,
now fixed upon the focused goal:
to light our soul's purpose
through healing the world
with our love.

Monday, January 3, 2011


Running in a rut,
sitting on a fence.
Watch a movie,
write a poem,
say a prayer,
fall asleep,
dream of air.
Air to breathe among tension between households.
Air to breathe when merely surviving isn't fulfilling.
Air to breath, rather than fill my mind
when there's nothing to talk about...air head.
Maybe every time a thought appeared,
my parents fought aloud,
causing my brain to shut off,
not wanting to talk to anyone.
So, I keep my thoughts to myself
while their anger fills up the silent room,
and when I walk through,
I split the air in two.