Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Delicate Places

So subtle and fragile, this warmth we created between our touch.
A space where no words existed; a place only few will find some day.
I was at peace before I met you, and now my skin crawls for the
grasp of your hand when I'm standing alone in public places.
Why did I let myself get to this level of suffering?
I jumped into you and took a risk without thinking,
it's what inspirational quotes tell us to do.
God showed me what I was missing,
someone with the capacity to care for me
in a way I've never experienced.
You let me share my nurturing hands upon your face
and surrendered to the peace we brought between us.
Then I witnessed the side I never wanted to realize,
a part of you that pushed my heart away from yours.
Your eyes, they shut down and look away, pulling down the blinds
when I mention delicate encounters I've had with God.
It's what makes me glow, but still you can't believe what I say.
I can just tell you never will.
I cried because the understanding I waited for never arrived.
All I wanted was your acceptance.
Maybe a relationship is about working through obstacles,
but the other side of me says life should be easy.
I tend to self sabotage myself, so I never get too close.
. . .the delicate part of my heart radiates like the sun,
a space I've cultivated for thousands of lifetimes.
This world seems too harsh to share it with.
Your unsure eyes tell me you want to fit in with
all the others who live in a world apart from mine.
So, I will find my peace once more in solitude,
without the grace of your touch.

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