Monday, August 22, 2011

Real vs. Illusion

If I told you we will live forever
what would you say? Is our life here a wrinkled illusion?
I've been to the real Kingdom and
transformed into a new life of non-conformity and freedom,
a life where starving for another's touch disappears into blackness,
which collects a certain mystical presence that dense souls long to achieve.
The connection we once bathed in hung on wires that
lead us into temptation, forgetfulness, and a lack of action,
and now this new fuel pumping in my veins longs for God, knowing & giving.
But, our dance was sweet as our souls mingled above and below us,
embracing each level of communication we spoke from.
A thought severed the many possibilities of Unity between you & I.
The thought of d i f f e r e n c e,
forming a fence and leaking all sources from which we drew our Love.
I donated all my energy into plugging the leaking hole,
so the fire that we both brought to this Earth would grow. . .
now I hear whispers of your voice before I doze off into another world,
telling me to "hold on"
and the passion we ignited rumbles inside of me
as I dream of your embrace,
which competes with the hug of a thousands angels
that I rise to meet every night.
So do I forget this Earthly love and rise above the situation?
Or do I torture myself with memories that are still real inside my heart?
I fill the empty paper cup screams with chocolate and exercising,
so my mind is too tired to remember you and the chocolate soothes my broken heart.
I happened to trip on a rock filled with emotion,
but the path seems smooth now. . .
when you're not here, I tell myself it was all a dream,
and I continue to rise above Earthly cares.
I pray for the day when our fence does not exist
and you can meet me in a room full of angels,
who sing their chorus around us whenever I'm holding your hand.
Until then, I'll dream of your smile. . .
But just to make sure you know,
I fell because of your heart,
because whenever I closed my eyes when you hugged me,
I surrendered to Divine acceptance & Love,
so thank you for tearing down my walls. . .
the illusion is broken, and my Kingdom became brighter.

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